Want to take up knitting? Or are you already in love with the craft? Want to know the essentials of the craft? Knitting is an art that besides creativity needs proper tools and materials. While it’s the skills that allow you to craft wonderful creations; the knitting accessories, tools, and materials assist you with different projects.

Let’s take a look at the best knitting tools and materials.

  1. Knitting Needles

The most important knitting tool, not surprisingly, is the knitting needles. The single-pointed needles and double-pointed needles, fixed circulars, and interchangeable circular needles. Each of these needles comes in different sizes in different materials.

If you are new to knitting or even you have been knitting for years, interchangeable circular needles come in handy. This needle set is convenient as they are attached with cables that can be changed as per the need of the project. These cables and cords are lifesavers for knitters. These too come in different sizes. Smart cords are a blessing as these cables are marked with inches that assist in measurements in a knitting project.

  1. Yarn 

Once you have settled on the needles, decide upon the yarn you want to work on. Yarn is available in different materials, cotton, wool, or other blends.

  1. Scissors

A knitter’s project bag remains incomplete without a scissor. Though it is not actually needed very often, it is among the essentials for the completion of any knitting project. Folding scissors are quite convenient as it comfortably fits in any of the project bags. And, also being folded the sharp edges are covered from accidental injury.

  1. Tapestry Needle

Once you are done with a knitting project, you will be in need of a tapestry needle. This is an essential knitting tool, as this allows you to finish the project by weaving in the tails before cutting the yarn.

  1. Stitch Markers

Stich markers are basically loops that can be added or removed from any knitting project at will. Like its name, these markers are added at significant points, such as changes in patterns. Knitting stitch markers make many complicated projects go smoothly.

  1. Yarn winder

Knitting projects have the risk of creating a tangled mess. Yarn winders are a convenient way to keep your yarn away from the mess.

  1. Blocking Tools

Blocking is a requirement while knitting some products or even for knitted products after wash. These tools include mats, sock blockers, lace blockers, and knit blockers.

  1. Measuring Tape

Have you decided what you want to knit? Have you decided who you want to make it for? So, now you need a measuring tape. Most people knit to create wearables such as hats, scarfs, sweaters, socks– you name it. First, take measurements before you start the project and then at the later stages to keep track of your progress. A retractable measuring tape is good to have among your knitting tools.

  1. Stitch Holders

Certain knitting projects require you to hold the stitches. When you’ll knit a thumb of a glove or a sleeve of a sweater or something which requires you to create a hole/ cavity, you’ll only knit half of the stitches in a row. Many knitters use some spare needles of the same size while many prefer stitch holders. These are some of the best knitting tools.

  1. Row or Stitch Counter

Keeping count of stitches and rows of a knitting project is a very important task. The row or stitch counter is a key knitting tool as it allows the crafter an easy and convenient way of keeping track of the rows and stitches. It is an absolute lifesaver when you are doing complicated patterns.

Needle gauges, needle stoppers, chart holders, needle cases, and knitting project bags are also some vital things that are included in the stash of knitters.