Knitting needle size and type are important to learn as a beginner.
There is some debate over whether to use circular or straight-pointed needles. What is the recommended number of needles for a beginner?

What is the distinction between bamboo needles and plastic needles? These doubts are enough to make you wonder where to begin and how to begin.

Relax, we’re here to assist you.

Here is a guide to the knitting needle sizes and yarn kinds that should be used at the novice level. Take a look if you have such questions; it is not hard and fast advice for needle sizes to use with a certain type of yarn.

Knitting Needles Size
US Sizes MM Sizes
Size 0  2.0mm
Size 1  2.25mm
Size 1.5  2.5mm
Size 2  2.75mm
Size 2.5  3.0mm
Size 3  3.25mm
Size 4  3.5mm
Size 5  3.75mm
Size 6  4.0mm
Size 7  4.5mm
Size 8  5.0mm
Size 9  5.5mm
Size 10  6.0mm
Size 10.5  6.5mm
Size 10.75  7.0mm
Size 11  8.0mm
Size 13  9.0mm
Size 15  10.0mm
Size 17  12.0mm
Size 19  15.0mm
Size 36  20.0mm
Size 50  25.0mm


Depending on the pattern, needle size 5 produces a loose lace knit with a lot of drapes. This information might help you decide whether to use bamboo or plastic needles.

Knitting Needle 0-1:

Shawls, which require small needles, can be constructed on needle sizes 0-1. If you use heavy yarn, the weight of your shawl will rise as it grows in size.
At this time, bamboo needles with round points might be of great assistance to you as a beginner.
Circular pointed needles can hold the yarn, preventing it from falling off, and are very helpful for novices.
Because the cord can control the weight of the object, it aids in smooth knitting. If you are knitting a little item, such as delicate lace, circular pointed needles might be very useful.

Knitting Needle 1-3:

Knitting a pair of socks with needle sizes 1-3 will be simple. Knitted socks are often made using needles size 1 or 2.
The needle size can also be increased to 3 depending on the pattern of the heavy yarn.

You can also knit shawls with these needle sizes, but not with heavy yarn. Bamboo needles are also the finest choice for knitting socks since they have a nice hold on the yarn, reducing the chances of slipping loops and making it much easier to keep stitches in the needle.

Because of the small size of the needle, there is no need to handle stitches, which increases your knitting pace, which aids in the finished design and takes less time to knit socks.

Long circular knitting needles can also be used to assist lessen the risks of stitches slipping.

Knitting Needle 3-5:

Sport-weight yarn can be used with short needles, which might cause wrist tightness.
Knitting sport-weight yarn with straight pointed needles size 3-5 can be more convenient.
This will improve the shape and finish of articles such as sports sweaters.

Knitting Needle 5-7:

Knitting needle size 5-7 is somewhat lighter weight than needle size 0-5, which aids in knitting speed. Heavyweight yarn is easy to knit with needle sizes 5-7, which aids in knitting speed and completion of the product. Heavy yarns are unlikely to be simpler to work with on needle sizes smaller than 5. Shawls, sweaters, and blankets are simple to knit with heavyweight yarn and needle sizes 5-7 for the best results.

Knitting Needle 7-9:

Knitting needles in the medium size range (7-9) are appropriate for weight yarn. Knitting using medium size needles is advised for beginners since they are easier to handle the weight of the yarn. It is easier to work with medium-sized needles at both the beginning and advanced levels. These needles aid in the creation of a good pattern with finishing and shape. If there is any doubt about the weight of the yarn, there is a label on it that tells us the weight of the yarn and the recommended needle size to use.

Knitting Needle 9-11:

As we get to needle sizes 9-11, you will notice that knitting speed is faster than with smaller needles. Because of the finished pattern and the quickness with which the object is made, these size needles are recommended at the expert level. Bulky yarns are famous for quick-to-make articles like sweaters, blankets, shawls. In such articles, circular needles are very helpful which can easily hold a maximum number of stitches and weight of the article as well which is good for advanced knitting for better finishing.

Knitting Needle 11-17:

It’s a lot of fun to work with heavyweight yarn since we can experiment with patterns like cables that will give the piece an embossed aspect. Super Bulky yarns are great for creating gorgeous patterns and cables on the article to create a variety of designs. A combination of bulky yarn with large knitting needles will give stupendous look to your article. One can make different articles quickly with bulky yarns and a large needle to stand out than regular knitted articles.

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