Whether you are a beginner knitter or one with decades of experience, a visit to your local yarn shop to choose new needles might leave your head spinning. There is such a wide choice of tools available from KnitPro but there are very good reasons for that. Each range has specially selected materials, crafted to suit different projects or different styles of knitting.

We thought we would take a closer look at our ranges to help you choose your perfect needles in time for Santa’s sleigh.

Type of Needle

First of all, you will probably want to look at the type of needle you would prefer to use. We offer single-pointed straight needles, which are perfect for knitting flat pieces such as scarves, shawls, and jumpers; circular needles which are very useful for knitting in the round, although many people also use them for knitting flat pieces; and double-pointed needles which are most often used for socks, gloves, toys, and hats.


Once you have decided on your favorite needle type you will want to consider the material they are made from.


Metal needles are super smooth. If you are an experienced knitter they help you to knit quite fast. If you are a tight knitter they certainly help you to move your stitches along. Lace knitters often favor needles made from metal.
We have two ranges in this category: Zing needles were launched earlier this year and are made from a superior grade light weight metal. The different sizes each have their own color making them very easy to identify;

Nova needles have been part of the KnitPro collection for quite a while and are made from hollow brass pipes that are plated with nickel making them very lightweight and easy to use. The Nova range also includes the ergonomic Nova Cubics, which are beautifully tapered.

Carbon fiber

Our Karbonz ranges are made from High-Tech carbon fiber with tips in nickel-plated brass. This gives you the best of both worlds – a super smooth metal tip with the warmth and strength of carbon fiber – these needles have a little more grip than the metal ranges. Karbonz is particularly popular with sock knitters because they go right down to 1mm.


Our wooden ranges include those made from birch and bamboo. Perhaps our most popular range, with its iconic chevron pattern is Symfonie, which is suitable for any project and any level of knitting ability. They are the strongest wooden needles on the market, polished and lightweight to provide hours of effortless knitting.
Both our Dreamz and Basix ranges are made from high-quality birch wood with a little more grip.
Dreamz comes in a range of delicious colors to help you identify the right size; Basix is perfect for chunky knits and goes up to a size 25mm!

Our Bamboo line is made from the finest Japanese bamboo to ensure a smooth finish and have a medium amount of grip suitable for loose knitters and beginners.

High Quality Acrylic

Perhaps you are looking for the first set of needles for a complete novice, then look no further than our Trendz needles. They are made from resilient acrylic, come in a range of radiant colors, and have the most grip of all our needles which will really help a beginner avoid dropping stitches.

If you still aren’t sure which range of needles is for you why not try a bit of needle tasting with our Comby interchangeable needles. Set 1 offers you a Nova metal, Symfonie wood, and a Spectra acrylic needle. Set 2 contains a Karbonz, a Bamboo, and a Nova Cubics needle to try.

We would love to know which is your favorite range of needles and why.

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